Learn Spanish language and culture in our visit to Prado museum in Madrid

Visit: Prado Museum

The collection in the Prado Museum has its origin in the royal collections. It is no exaggeration to claim that there is no other museum or private collection in the world with more works of the biggest geniuses of the history of art, such as Goya (133 paintings), Velázquez (48 paintings), El Greco (36 paintures and 2 sculptures), or Ribera (51 paintings). Prado Museum can be also proud of having a big amount of paintings of very high value which are not by Spanish authors. Some examples are Rubens (almost 100 works), Luca Giordano (more than 70 paintings), Tiziano (40 paintings), or El Bosco (6 works and some other that are attributed to him)

In our visit to the museum we will focus on the works of two geniuses of Spanish painting: Diego Velázquez and Francisco de Goya, pioneers in pictorial trends. Both were able to reflect the illusions and failures of Spanish society with intelligence, veracity, and eloquence.