To make your stay with us easier, and you’ll find all accommodation close to the study center. You can choose between:

  • Hostel
  • Hotel
  • Renting an apartment
  • Staying with a family

Prices may change and may be cheaper depending on the number of nights' stay and the time of year. Please contact us for more options.

Here you have a brief description of each type of accommodation, along with an approximate price for person/night:

Private bathroom, air conditioning and heating, Tv, safe, telephone, wifi, cleaning service with towel change. 5-10 minutes from TILDE on foot. S.R: Between 50 - 60 €
D.R: Between 60 - 70 €
Rooms with double beds for individual or shared use. Private bathroom, heating, air conditioning, soundproofing. Breakfast included. In the city center. 10 minutes from Tilde on foot. S.R. and B: 90 euros (depending on the season)
Individual or double rooms with air conditioning, satellite TV. Restaurant, cafeteria, breakfast buffet, room service, laundry and secure parking. Situated in the area close to Tilde. S.R. and D.R.: 110 euros (depending on the season)
Comfortable, completely equipped and well connected, these apartments are offered with the number of rooms according to personal needs. It is recommended that the apartments are reserved well in advance of your stay due to their popularity. 75 euros (depending on the season)
Individual rooms + breakfast. Shared bathroom. 30 euros (approx.)
Individual rooms + half board. Shared bathroom. 35 euros (approx.)
Double rooms + breakfast. Shared bathroom. 28 euros (approx.)
Double rooms + half board. Shared bathroom. 32 euros (approx.)