Emergencies: Spanish for health professionals
Written and designed by the managing team of Tilde Madrid: Pilar González Manjavacas and Lola González Martínez.

Cover of the book Emergencies, Spanish for doctors and health professionals

"Emergencies" is a reference manual for doctors, health staff, physiotherapists, interpreters, translators, and, in general, professionals specialized in the health field that need to use the Spanish language in work. This course is designed for students that are already able to speak at least a basic level of Spanish (A2 level), and that would like to improve their communication skills at work.

It is a practical manual, with an attractive design, divided in five modules:

  • BASICS (human body, specialties, first-aid kit)

The manual covers the basics of Medicine and the most common problems affecting health. The vocabulary, grammar and communication functions of the clinical process are integrated in the itinerary. For example, the course focus on the ability of the student to express opinions, give advice, calm down or give instructions. Everything is relevant for the interaction between health professionals and patients, what requires the use of the past, the imperative, the conditional and the subjunctive tenses in Spanish.

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand and produce fluently and efficiently oral and written messages related with Health Sciences, such as reports, patients' histories and diagnosis.
  • Answer questions related with the most common diseases for an unspecialized audience.
  • Understand common vocabulary and keep fluent conversations between professional and patient.
  • Understand and put into practice aspects of basic grammar, such as the use of the verbal tenses both in the indicative and the subjunctive modes.
We hope that "Emergencies" not only fulfills the expectations of the health professionals that want to improve their knowledge of health Spanish, but we also hope that ELE professionals find in it a clear and safe material to work with in their lessons.