Training courses for Spanish teachers

Training courses for Spanish teachers
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Training courses for teaching Spanish

This course/workshop is aimed at native and non-native teachers interested in learning, in a practical way, about the resources teachers need to deal with a class of adult Spanish learners.

The content of the course can vary, according to experience and interests, but in general it includes

  • Profile of the student of Spanish as a Foreign Language.
  • Methodology: different approaches to teaching and the role of the teacher.
  • Materials: the blackboard, audio-visual techniques, authentic materials, published material for Spanish as a foreign language
  • Programming: Grammatical content, functions, cultures…
  • Evaluation and correction techniques.

The course is one to one, and thus it is flexible, according to your interests and needs. We recommend a minimum of 30 lessons, distributed in one or two weeks.

Before you begin your course we ask you to complete a short questionnaire in order to ascertain your needs and interests.

PERSONALISED COURSE, adapted to the needs of participant

Prices of the courses of Spanish for specific purposes

Training courses for teaching Spanish
  • Custom number of lessons:
    • From 1 to 19 lessons: €40 / lesson
    • 20 or more lessons: €35 / lesson
  • With 10 lessons or more:
    • Café y prensa:
    • + Abanico activities
  • Optional: Lunch with the teacher

(*) Registration fees: 50€ for classroom courses

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Izebel Sánchez

Spanish teacher in Denmark
Thanks to the training course for Spanish teachers via Skype, I learnt to know better my own language, to be more reflective,to open my mind to new activities in class in order to improve my way of teaching. Now I feel more secure in front of the students, and, at the same time, more motivated to keep learning. I have already taken 3 courses with Tilde, and I plan to take more.