Learn Spanish and discover El Escorial monastery

Visit to El Escorial monastery

El Escorial monastery was the birth of a third stage of Spanish Renaissance: the Herrerian style, started by Juan de Herrera and continued by Francisco de Mora. The Herrerian style can be distinguished by its geometry and the virtual absence of decoration.

Apart form its architectural value, the Monastery is home to may works of art. In this excursion we will visit the Museum of Architecture and Painting, the Palace of Philip II, the Burial Place, the Chapter Rooms, the Monastery (the cloisters and old church), the Basilica, the Library, the Bedchambers of the Bourbon kings, and the gardens, in addition to the Small House of the Prince and the Small House of the Infante, both placed outside of the complex.

The price of the excursion includes:

  • Public transportation both ways
  • Tickets for the monuments
  • Teacher-guide during all day
  • Teaching material with information and exercises
  • Small groups