Learn Spanish and discover Segovia

Excursion: Segovia

Inside the old town we can find many civil and religious historical buildings, not only Catholic, but also Jew, such as the quarter that this minority used to live in, what reminds us of the different cultures that lived in this city. One of the most notorious examples of this cultural diversity can be found in the old synagogue, nowadays the Corpus Church.

In addition to the Roman aqueduct, which is a symbol of the city, the visitor cannot leave Segovia without visiting the Alcázar, the royal palace situated on top of a rock between the Eresma and Clamores rivers. It was one of the favorite residences of the Kings of Castile, which was built during the transition from Romanesque to Gothic style, what left place to the outstanding Mudejar decoration of its wide rooms.

During our walk inside the city we will enjoy the majesty of this and other monuments, such as Santa María Cathedral, the last Gothic cathedral built in Spain, and San Antonio el Real monastery, the former hunting lodge of Henry IV, which later on turned into a monastery.

The price of the excursion includes:

  • Public transportation both ways
  • Tickets for the monuments
  • Teacher-guide during all day
  • Teaching material with information and exercises
  • Small groups