Business Spanish courses

Business Spanish courses for businessmen and employees
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Business Spanish courses

Recommended for those who wish to work in Spain or who, perhaps, have the possibility of joining companies with commercial relations in the Spanish speaking business world.

During the classes, whose number of hours will be determined at the beginning of the course, the four principal skills are practiced (written and oral expression, listening and written comprehension), according to the student's needs and interests.

The writing of formal letters and their most common structures, the drafting of reports or CVs, as well as the organization of clear and attractive speeches and presentations, are just some of the aspects that will be covered.

The course is given as individual lessons that can be combined with the BASIC course, and it is recommended that the student have at least a basic user level in Spanish.

Prices of the courses of Spanish for specific purposes

Business Spanish
  • Custom number of lessons:
    • From 1 to 19 lessons: €40 / lesson
    • 20 or more lessons: €35 / lesson
  • With 10 lessons or more:
    • Café y prensa:
    • + Abanico activities
  • Optional: Lunch with the teacher

(*) Registration fees: 50€ for classroom courses

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José Luiz de Oliveira Atento
Lessons were of very good quality, dynamic and with an excellent teaching level.
The teaching method and the topics we treated put me in contact with everything I needed, and now I feel more able to read, hear, listen and speak better. See you soon!