Medical Spanish classes for health professionals

Medical Spanish classes for doctors and health professionals
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Medical Spanish classes for health professionals

If you are a doctor or health professional, or you work in the health sector.

If you want to improve your Spanish, but you want to focus your progress in the fields that interest you the most, without losing time in topics that will not be useful to you.

If you have tried other medical Spanish classes, but the contents were too broad and you didn't benefit from them.

If you are looking for the reliability of an officially acknowledged medical Spanish course.

The medical Spanish classes offered by Tilde Madrid Spanish School are exclusive and unique, and they have been carefully created by our teachers. They are mainly aimed at doctors, although other health professionals such as nurses and assistants can also benefit from them.

Thanks to this course, you will learn all the medical Spanish vocabulary you will need, and you will be able to use with confidence the most practical medical Spanish phrases. Not only will you improve your general level of Spanish, but also you will acquire the communicative skills a health professional must have in Spanish.


This medical Spanish course is aimed at improving the general language level of the student through medical-related subjects. During the medical Spanish classes the student will learn the general vocabulary of the human body, medicines and drugs, symptoms, diagnoses, illnesses, prevention, and treatments. The most common situations a health professional may face will be simulated in the classroom, to prepare the student to real-life situations.

Throughout the lessons, the student will review the Spanish grammar, in order to allow him/her to acquire a strong and reliable language structure. Moreover, the most common structures and expressions in Spanish will be put to use, and at the end of the course the student will have a glossary of phrases that will be a continuous reference in the future.

Finally, in addition to the practical language training, the course teaches how the Spanish Public Health System works. This will give the student a general idea of the environment he will find if he/she decides to work in Spain.

  • Making the students able to understand Spanish speakers and to express themselves clearly in situations that they will find in their workplace.
  • Learning the medical Spanish vocabulary every health professional should know, and making a proficient use of the most useful medical Spanish phrases.
  • Reviewing the most important grammatical structures and their functions, in order to communicate flawlessly in Spanish in a medical environment.
  • Knowing the reality of the Spanish health system.
With the strong desire to cover this hitherto neglected area of Spanish teaching, and given the increasing demand from professionals in the medical field, we have created this exclusive medical Spanish course that has been the result of our long teaching experience and an arduous work in close partnership with medical professionals from Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

The medical Spanish classes are aimed at students from all nationalities working in the health sector: doctors, nurses, physicians, therapists, assistants...


It is recommended that the student has completed at least the basic level, as formulated by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).


Our book Spanish for doctors has been specifically created by our teachers at Tilde Madrid Spanish school for these medical Spanish classes. Along with the course, it is the only officially approved medical Spanish course offered in Spain.

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Dr. Penny Miller
Public Health Physician
This medical Spanish course is specifically designed for health professionals that are able to speak Spanish at a basic level that would like or need to communicate in this language at work. This course is aimed at doctors working in private or public hospitals and health centers. Although it is specifically designed for doctors, it is useful also for nurses and other health professionals.

The curse is based on the clinical process, and it covers the medical history, the diagnose, the treatment and the prevention. It is based on practical exercises, and it is able to integrate vocabulary and grammar relating them with each step of the clinical process. For example, there is a significant difference between giving opinions, advice and instructions. Everything is relevant and important for the interaction between health professionals and patients, what requires the use of the past, the imperative, the conditional and the subjunctive tenses in Spanish. Its two authors, Pilar González Manjavacas and Dolores González Martínez, are Spanish teachers with a long experience since long time ago. Dolores González Martínez is also the author of the Spanish grammar book "La gramática Lola".

It is not a course for beginners. It is required to have basic knowledge of the Spanish grammar. This means that the student needs to, at least, know how to conjugate the verbs in the past, present and future. If you are beginning to learn Spanish I recommend you that you first take a basic course before taking this specialized course. In addition to that, if you want to take full advantage of it, you should study with a teacher, because this material is not thought for self-learners, but for interactive lessons, both individually or in groups. The course lasts a total of 80 lessons, but it can be studied by sections. For example, if you only had two weeks of holidays, you could complete half of it by only 4 hours of class a day.

I truly recommend it!

Anjali (March 2019)
Boston, EE.UU.
I had a great time and learned a lot during the medical Spanish class at TILDE MADRID. I had very patient teachers who met me at my level and were able to help me improve my Spanish to the point that I was able to understand most conversations and patient interviews at a local hospital. The textbook they use is really helpful and I am sure I will refer to it in the future. Thanks for a great experience!