Spanish courses in Madrid

Spanish courses for adult learners in Madrid
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Beginning of the course: every Monday(including A1 level)

No more than 4 students per group! Guaranteed!

1 lesson:
50 minutes

Different modalities of Spanish courses: Intensive, Specialized, Immersion

Do you want to learn Spanish with experienced teachers in the cultural center of Madrid?

Did you try other Spanish courses in Madrid, but they were crowded and their teaching methods did not fit you?

Are you looking for a classroom with motivated adult learners like you, who really want to learn Spanish?

Would you like to experience a complete cultural immersion while learning Spanish?

Our Spanish courses in Madrid have been designed for students visiting Madrid who wish to immerse themselves in the language and culture of Spain. We have prepared a variety of intensive Spanish courses, and we are sure that you will find the one that suits your needs.

There is a maximum of four students per course, what guarantees a perfect balance between personal attention and group learning, thus enhancing your learning process. Our students are adult learners who want to make the most of their lessons. By choosing Tilde Madrid you avoid crowded classrooms with few opportunities to practice, and you will be sure that your classmates are motivated and responsible students who came to Madrid to learn, just like you.

Our courses include La gramática Lola book, which is a Spanish grammar book specially designed for Spanish learners. It is a handy and easy to use reference book which comprehends all Spanish levels from beginner to advanced, and which explains the Spanish grammar in visual charts and tables with minimal explanations, to better internalize the structures and rules of the Spanish language.

In addition to the lessons, we have prepared an array of cultural activities to make you discover Spanish culture and help you push your language further. Our Spanish courses in Madrid include debates in Spanish every morning over a cup of coffee, and cultural activities in Madrid in the evenings. For those of you who want to have more opportunities to practice, you can have lunch with your teacher or join our weekend excursions.

In Tilde Madrid we are prepared to make you learn Spanish in a fast, steady, and fun way. Our Spanish courses in Madrid will not disappoint you. Choose one of the options we offer below or feel free to contact us for further information.

Intensive Spanish courses

Foundation course (20 Spanish lessons per week)
  • Grammar Book: "La Gramática Lola"
  • Didactic material and binder
  • Certificate when the course finishes
  • Maximum 4 students per group
Foundation 5 Course (25 lessons per week)

It includes Foundation course + 5 individual lessons per week

Foundation 10 Course (30 lessons per week)

It includes Foundation Course +10 individual lessons per week

PLAIN Foundation Course (20 lessons per week)

Similar to the Foundation Course, but not including cultural activities

b>Midday Spanish Course (8 lessons per week)

Extensive courses

Evening Course (4 lessons per week)
  • 4 group lessons per week
  • Hours: Upon request
  • Grammar Book: "La Gramática Lola"
  • Placement test
  • Maximum 4 students per group
  • Start date: The first Monday of each month
  • Didactic material and binder
  • Certificate when the course finishes
  • Payments: 4-week installments

Private lessons

See Private Spanish lessons

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Feel free to ask for further information on our Spanish courses in Madrid.



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Bill, May 2018
United Kingdom

Whilst the learning is the prime reason for attending, it is important to feel happy, relaxed and enjoy the experience. My teachers were both educational and inspirational. The school has an excellent atmosphere. I will return.