Spanish courses for companies

Spanish courses for companies, lessons at work or at home
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Spanish lessons at work or classes at home for families

Spanish lessons at work

Tilde Spanish School provides classes to help managers and their staff who’ve got a busy agenda learn Spanish at their place of work. We offer tailored courses, under conditions to be negotiated. Our qualified group of teachers and custom-made courses will enable you to maximize your time.

Immersion program

As a compliment to the above classes we organize weekly, we include total immersion courses at our premises. This program combines different activities such as "Café y Prensa grammar classes, conversation classes, lunch with the teacher and cultural activities.

Classes at home for families

We will go to expats’ homes in order to fit in with their timetables. Tell us your needs with us and we will organize a suitable course for you.

"Abanico" cultural program

In order to help your family to become accustomed to life in Spain, Tilde will organise, on a weekly basis, different cultural activities so as to introduce them to the lifestyle, history and culture of Spain.

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George, February 2018
Several years ago, I attended Tilde for the first time. I was so impressed with the school, the professors and staff, the weekly tours of Madrid, and Madrid itself that I have returned every year since. I have always been very pleased with the quality of the education that I have received at Tilde and have truly enjoyed the time spent in class with my teachers and classmates. I have no doubt that I will be returning in the future to continue with my Spanish studies.