Cultural immersion

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We are more than a Spanish school... we are a FAMILY! Enjoy with us the activities outside the classroom, designed for you to live a truly Spanish environment.

All our intensive and individual courses include "Café y Prensa" activities and Abanico cultural program, which can be complemented with other optional activities, such as lunch with the teacher and weekend excursions.

Every morning before starting classes the students can chat in Spanish about the news appearing in the day’s paper. For about 20 minutes, with a teacher participating, bring yourself up-to-date while enjoying coffee or tea.
With our program of visits and tours, discover many interesting social and cultural, religious, and culinary traditions. Enjoy the life of a city like Madrid where the very old and the very new combine in wonderful ways.
Every Saturday or Sunday we offer visits to interesting places around Madrid. Toledo, Alacalá de Henares, El Escorial, and Segovia are some of the destinations you shouldn’t miss. Always with the comfort and convenience of a teacher-guide.
Try a typical “menu of the day” as a Spanish person would while practicing your Spanish in a real situation outside the classroom. Enjoy a range of restaurants in the city centre and learn some gastronomic customs of Madrid.