Why studying Spanish in Madrid?

Spanish student enjoying a glass of wine at a rooftop in Madrid

Because Madrid is a city famous for its culture, its traditions and its night-life. Madrid is authentic, warm and open.

Since 1561, it has been the capital city of Spain, and, with the passing of time, has become a modern city, looking to the future and constantly developing.

Situated in the very heart of Castile, Madrid’s privileged location makes for easy access to visit other towns and cities of interest; Toledo, Segovia, Salamanca or Ávila are just some of the places of interest for those visiting the Spanish capital.

And what about the people? Many Madrileños today come from different parts of the country, which is why Madrid can’t be pigeon-holed but instead contains thousands of diverse ways of thinking and feeling, which is precisely the attraction of its distinct personality.

Why Tilde Madrid?

Because our school assures quality, dedication and professionalism with its exclusive setting in front of the Royal Palace of Madrid.

Because Tilde is a school created by experienced professionals who enjoy teaching. We have our own course program whose success lies in the technical and personal capacities of those teaching the course.

Because, whether our students come to us in groups or alone, Tilde is the perfect place to feel at home and among friends, to socialize and enjoy learning with people from all over the world.

Where to stay?

Most of the tourist areas are to be found within the city, particularly in the central districts of Centro, Salamanca, Chamberí, Retiro and Arganzuela.

Although Madrid has one of the most modern and well connected underground rail systems in Europe, it is recommendable to stay in the area of the districts already mentioned to make travelling around the city easier. (Tilde can recommend the best options according to personal interests and requirements).

What time of year is it best to come?

The climate in Madrid very agreeable all year round in comparison with other European cities. For most of the year we enjoy sunny days with clear skies. Even in mid-winter, in the months of January and February, the temperatures very rarely fall to freezing / fall to zero, though it’s best to bring a good overcoat at this time of year. In the spring, the temperature is very pleasant bringing into bloom the beautiful flowers that line the Paseo de la Castellana, and, in summer, the days of intense heat are made bearable by the low humidity.

What do our students say?